Free lists of checked proxy servers online

Large Actual Proxies List

Our smart robot collects up-to-date lists of free proxy servers on the Internet, including on forums and social networks, etc. The robot intelligently recognizes proxies, just like a real human does, and adds them to our proxy database.

Fast Proxy Checker

A special multi-threaded proxy checker of our own design checks proxies for many parameters. Due to tandem of proxy collector and proxy checker you can get the most up-to-date list of free proxy servers!

Easy Access

Proxy lists have an easy filtering both by type (SOCKS4, SOCKS 5, HTTPS and HTTP) and by country!


We filter proxies from known "dangerous" IP address ranges, as well as check proxies for anonymity and distortion.

Lists of active proxies by type

Total Proxies:14 893
SOCKS Proxies:12 768
SOCKS4 Proxies:12 635
SOCKS5 Proxies:133
HTTPS Proxies:418
HTTP Proxies:1 707

Lists of active proxies by anonymity

Anonymous:13 380
Elite:13 280
Transparent:1 434

Lists of active proxies by country and territory

 Åland Islands:1
 Antigua and Barbuda:1
 Bosnia and Herzegovina:33
 Brazil:1 639
 Burkina Faso:2
 Cape Verde:3
 Costa Rica:27
 Cote D'Ivoire:2
 Czech Republic:214
 Democratic Republic Congo:19
 Dominican Republic:29
 El Salvador:1
 Equatorial Guinea:11
 Hong Kong:19
 India:1 021
 Indonesia:1 558
 New Caledonia:3
 New Zealand:13
 North Macedonia:7
 Palestinian Territory:64
 Papua New Guinea:2
 Puerto Rico:15
 Russian Federation:383
 Saint Martin:1
 Sierra Leone:3
 South Africa:293
 South Korea:13
 South Sudan:7
 Syrian Arab Republic:2
 Trinidad and Tobago:1
 United Arab Emirates:2
 United Kingdom:23
 United States of America:904
 Virgin Islands, British:5
 Virgin Islands, U.S.:3