Free lists of checked proxy servers online

Large Actual Proxies List

Our smart robot collects up-to-date lists of free proxy servers on the Internet, including on forums and social networks, etc. The robot intelligently recognizes proxies, just like a real human does, and adds them to our proxy database.

Fast Proxy Checker

A special multi-threaded proxy checker of our own design checks proxies for many parameters. Due to tandem of proxy collector and proxy checker you can get the most up-to-date list of free proxy servers!

Easy Access

Proxy lists have an easy filtering both by type (SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5, HTTPS and HTTP) and by country!


We filter proxies from known "dangerous" IP address ranges, as well as check proxies for anonymity and distortion.

Lists of active proxies by type

Lists of active proxies by anonymity

Lists of active proxies by country and territory

  Armenia 108
  Brazil 98
  Belize 154
  Canada 62
  Chile 13
  China 411
  Curaçao 107
  Cyprus 203
  Germany 81
  Ecuador 18
  Egypt 31
  Spain 14
  France 63
  Ghana 5
  India 62
  Iraq 14
  Iran 29
  Italy 4
  Japan 7
  Kenya 8
  Macao 1
  Malta 1
  Mexico 19
  Nepal 6
  Peru 9
  Poland 17
  Turkey 17
  Taiwan 11
  Ukraine 40
  Vietnam 47